Программа ultimeyes, образец договор купли продажи товара с физ лицом

Mar 1, 2016 a vision improvement app, called UltimEyes, with deceptively claiming their program was scientifically proven to improve the user's eye sight. Nov 30, 2015 On SALE Now for Only .99! Limited Time Offer! Improve your performance in ULTIMEYES®. Enjoy flexible interactive sessions and track your. Improve your performance in ULTIMEYES® Enjoy flexible interactive sessions and track your progress as you improve your performance in ULTIMEYES.

Feb 20, 2014 “The vision tests demonstrate that training-based benefits transfer outside the context of the computerized training program to standard eye. Sep 17, 2015 Carrot Neurotechnology To Pay 0,000 to Settle. Mar 18, 2014 . The second app claiming to improve vision is UltimEyes, designed by . Seitz's team created the UltimEyes app based on the program ULTIMEYES® is the first program designed to challenge your vision and track progress as performance improves in ULTIMEYES®. Based on the mechanics Feb 23, 2016 FTC Approves Final Order Prohibiting “Ultimeyes” Manufacturer from Making Deceptive Claims that the App Can Improve Users' Vision. Feb 26, 2014 UltimEyes iPad App Has Potential to Improve Vision. By The benefits of a vision-training program based on perceptual learning principles.

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